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Monday, April 18

Doctor, when I do this... I get these weird wrinkles beside my eye...
... and I spent about 2 minutes looking at this picture and thinking... geezus murphy... I'm seriously weirding up for summer.
So I snapped a [ :: a kinda normal smile :: ] ... and realized I wasn't gonna do that either...

Question: "why does he post his picture every day?"
Answer: "because he's vain... I mean, look at how attracteeeeve he is... specially when he makes the scrunchy face, oh, and the bald spot... that's always fun."

K... the weather is like... crazy fricking beautiful. In fact... I'd call it a Kit day. All sun... all blue sky... and air... great vast parcels of air. 'course the SUV crowd is working on taking that away but whatever. Now... my day? I'll be in cube land... beige cubical walls... with vandalized pictures of Condi Rice, garbage posters and lovely framed pics of my darl'en family.

~ green ftls
~ dk blue dockers... "wrinkle resistant" ... um... like how hard was it to just not put any rayon in there... and presto... wrinkle resistant.
~ dk blue b.u.m. dressy kinda shirt... short sleeves and rather spring like... :)
~ all bid... all day... sigh.
~ tonight? Jack Slade or whatever the hell it's called... I recorded this new "3 worlds" parallel universe sci fi show on Sat night... crossing my fingers that it's good!! :)
~ to congratulate jgurney and sillz on the adorable nursery paint job... (waves at the both of you and hopes to keep that connection straight... :D)
~ that you would go to pamdewind's journal and over to auntyadele's journal... because their recently posted pics of babies and kids... are simply beautiful. (they make you smile... and smiling is good mojo... :D)
~ that bratt72 enjoys today and tomorrow. :D :D

// So a little research... and things really become clear. For example, did you know that "Conclave" is actually latin for "Tribal Council" and that Jeff Probst has actually VANISHED.... he was last seen at LAX hanging around the Air Italia desk. My Conclusion: he's gonna be hiding out with all the guys in red and say'en... "I'll go tally the votes" a few times...

// I read several quotes by Theodore Nugent... aka... the Ted... aka "mr. AK47 ex Rock Star". He was preaching Gun Love to the NRA... Like they need to be convinced... Now I'm just say'en ... Chucky (Heston) was bad enough with his "pry it from my cold dead hands" but Theo and his "up to my elbows in blood" "kill" "kill" "kill"... he sounds like a fucking nut case gone deep end. That's gotta be just what the NRA wants for a little public image management. wohoo...

// Dear Canadian Politicians: If you call an election so that the voters can throw out all the crooks... um... ... well... who are we gonna have to run the country?

Yeah... life is calling... I gotta split. :)
See ya. :)
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