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bwaahahah... I am living in an episode of Mr. Freaking Bean man...
(marginally toilet humour... or as we say so close to la belle province... toilette ha ha, so read on at your own risk)

There are two pissers and two stalls.
I head into stall number 2 for a crapper moment.
Of course, the cell phone tetris thing is still working for me in this regard.

Cleaner dude comes in... (which is better than the Island Girl that usually cleans the can with all her banging on the door expecting you to SCREAM that you're there)... any ways... cleaner dude comes in and starts mopping the floor. He kick flushes the can in stall number one. Mop mop mop... dissatisfied with flush number one... he kicks it again. Not sure what infinate probability drive moment he ran into but the fact remains... The toilet fucking exploded when he flushed the second time. No fucking shit man... If you turned on fifteen garden hoses at the same time... they would not come close to the volume of water that was FLLLLLLLOODING across the can from stall number one. Dude is swearing in french and running from the room. And moi??? Well I was in the middle of a shit man... with my pants around my ankles... you know... at FLOOR LEVEL.
Sweet geezus... I friggen LAUNCHED into the air like a bottle rocket. Black docker shoes on the toilet seat, my bladder trying desperately to not pee, my bare ass waiting for a little cleaning, and I'm fricking screaming with laughter... The screaming with laughter part was prol'y a mistake. People from the hall come in after cleaning dude raced out chased by my wailing laughter. People... when you stand on a toilet seat... you are above the door. Just say'en. There was three solid inches of water on the floor. I had to stand there and wipe my ass with an audience of laughing coworkers.

Mr. Fricking Bean ... bwaahahahaaaaaaaa

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