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Thursday, April 14

Oyi... well I took several hundred million pictures yesterday. er... well... something like that. I'mma gonna put together a "adayinmylife" post out of it. :) A very average day in the life and times of moi. and I got a vid cap of daddy doing a handstand on his 25 year old skateboard. (wanker)

Dinner table
G: mom...
Z: yes?
G: Baboon in french is Yo!
Z: huh?
G: YO!
E: wassssuuuuup?

It's really getting weird in my house.

I just watched a video of a new song from Garbage... every molecule of teenage lust and honest appreciation for Shirley came home... instantly. And we're going to the "club concert" on April 24... dum di dum... dances around... and then dances around again. :)

~ a big shit'eaten grin*... but you couldn't tell ... could ya?
~ um... green ftls
~ dk blue dockers
~ white t and blue shit.
~ get on a plane to mexico
~ spend two weeks living at lydia's house and playing with her tiny little daughter.
~ and then I wake up and get back to work....
~ *sigh*
~ bid mania continues... but, happily, I'm in my office today. :)
~ that my very preggers friends... get through the morning exorcist re-enactments soon. :)
~ for ladyfire to continue being exactly what she is... well loved and itchen for long term happy. :) (ps. HB Taryn. :D)
~ that my friend rini has ... a... fabulous... time. She's traveling... wwwway far away.
~ to send all kinds of good karma and stuff to my friend aeue... make today be a yesterday sugar.

// Just because a politician or a political strategist tells you that you are angry... it really doesn't mean that you are.
If a lot more people would remember this... we could take a great deal of power back.
I mean... the shakers and movers are getting ready to have an election because some asshats got free and easy with cash ( 1/10th of the cash lost in the HRDC boondoogle, btw... and what happened there? any court cases? hmmm?) when the country was trying desperately to not let Quebec dry fuck the rest of us up the ass and they expect us to be soooooo angry about this OLD NEWS that we'll be willing to dump the government and replace it with a party that wants to go black and white by turning the country into 1954 all over again. Personally I'd rather deal with some lost cash than abandon all the social progress we've made since people realized they were allowed to say clitoris... er... or clitoris...
I listened to spin docs on a political panel yesterday... telling one another how angry canadians are about the ad-scam thing... and that we're all going to toss out the liberals and embrace a union of the intolerant bigot the conservatives and the "quick, break-up-the-country Block Quebecois" party. Personally... I think the "political strategists" working for the various parties ... are all poopy heads and we all should make fun of them when we see them in public.

//What's this I hear about the governor of FLA and the Terry Vegetable case? some kind of political wrangling going on ? haha... freaking losers!

K... time to be the guy that appears to be working.
Of course, actually "working" is the best way to do this...
So.... time to work.
See ya.

* who the fuck came up with "shit eating grin" as an expression? it's sickening... and I don't really get it... although... I tend to say it a lot.
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