Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

You know... not all days are created equally!

Like today for instance...
My MS Word app just decides... it no longer wants to let anybody type.
It would run alright... I could open docs and "click" into them... but should I be so bold as to type... ZZZZZZAP. All instances of MS Word vanish with out a trace... no file saving... no questions... no little abandoned temp files... JUST GONE.

So in the middle of all this bid madness... sitting in the downtown office with the bid team... and I got nothing. They had to take my lap top away and fix it... I just got it back and the only thing they could do was to reinstall MS Office except using a non-standard version. They used Office 2003 while most of everyone else uses office xp.

Now I'm back in business.

oh, and I tried to make a phone post at lunch but the number I have programmed into my cell was bad... I need to try that again later.
I went on this fabulous walk at lunch behind the parliament buildings... taking pictures and stuff... it was really very nice. :D :D

Ok, it's 3:00 and I've a half days work to do by 4:30... (sigh).
See ya.

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