Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Electrical Advice...

[ :: this is a shitty drawing of the wiring problem :: ]

~ there is a plug on the ceiling in my basement that wont work.
~ three heavy gage wires go into the junction box.
~ and I have no idea what-the-fuck it means...
~ the drawing above shows that:
- all three wires and the plug are grounded,
- white from wire three joins with the blacks from the other two in one of those twisty things...
~ the black from wire three goes into the plug.
~ the whites from cable 1 and 2 go into a twisty thing and a white comes out of that and goes into the plug.
~ CABLE TWO goes to another plug that WORKS!!
Does this wiring look ... right?

NOTE: I replaced the plug... The plug works.
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