Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Sunday, April 10

It's a bit cool but it's all about the sunshine out there... :)
Geo is outside on his bike with the neighbor kids...
Ed and I are about to go work on his "story" - he's decided he's a novelist... and that's fine. :)
We've been up since 8:30, despite my very late arrival in bed and now I'm very much a member of the Walking Unconscious Society... basically? A wus!

Yesterday was all about running errands, cleaning, and sorting things out for a couple of projects for today. :)
I made debby's fudge last night... (oh my god! :D)

Feeling large on Friday night...
Set the PVR to tape a pay per view movie that I "bought" using one of the credits I guilted our Sat provider into giving me.
I recorded The Flight of The Phoenix.
Now... let me say that by the force of sheer numbers...
I readily accept that the incredible diversity of human kind must allow for almost any possibility.
And it is that spirit that I can acknowledge that there are most likely not less than three people who cream themselves at the mere thought of Denis Quade.
So... they'd love this movie.
Nuf' said.

~ um... pj pants...
~ long sleeve shirt
~ gap hoodie... warm!
~ it was tres burrrr when I woke up at 8:freaking:30. ug.
~ on figuring out whats wrong with the light wires...
~ running new coax from the dish to the basement
~ not sure if there's TKD today... but but... but... it's such a nice day! :)
~ I had a wee bit more sleep...
~ and to point out that you are spot on there tj642...
~ for NO TTC strike in TO... and if there is... that my many TO friends can manage... I've lived through several transit strikes... they all suck.
~ to send big words of "re-welcome" to my long lost friend doowat...
~ lvglenn! nice balls...
~ and meres ... WICKED!!! Wow on your club man... it's gonna be fabulous.

Ok... Edward is waiting for me ... tapping everything from toes to ... well... me! :D

Gotta go!

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