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Ok... day is done.
Car is calling
and home is where... the heart is supposed to live.
I'm gonna go there and see if I can find any of that ....
I'll let you know how that works out. :D

Yeah.... so lets talk gas prices just for a second.

In the US you pay a price per gallon. This is a US$ price per gallon.
In Canada we buy our gas by the Litre... and, of course, pay a Cdn$ price per litre.
So convert the litres to gallons by essentially multiplying it by 4. (not totally accurate but hey... sue me).
And people in CA are flipp'en out about $2.50 / gallon gas. hahahahaha...

AND I propose that the money need not be converted between the currencies.
It's a percentage of my dollar and it's a percentage of your dollar (the "you" being an american consumer in this example)

So the bottom line... American gas prices are artificially low and the american consumer is only just starting to realize the awful truth. Gas prices are much higher than they suspect.

Of course, the real question is ... at what price per gallon will the whole SUV argument become moot?
Face it... SUV's use more gas than a normal 4 cyl vehicle. They pollute more, they cost more, and burn a shit load more fuel.

So when gas gets up to $10.00 per gallon... and your income has remained about the same... that advertising campaign by the auto mfg's that got you to think you actually needed an SUV is gonna start looking mighty weak.

... and somewhere in there... the true motivation for the gulf wars will become clear.
Very little can compete with the humour hiding behind the pathetic excuse for that war that talks about america saving those poor abused iraqui people and how muuuuuch better off they are today. But I know... if you are well heeled by FOX news etc... then there's no changing your stripes...

I'll let the pending gas crisis take care of opening up the eyes of the mostly blind.
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