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sweet mercy... and a heartfelt "gah!"

Loooong day.
The head ache dissapaited (sp?) but that's from the advil... which kinda leaves me ... flat.
Flat stanley... :)

So I managed to not face-plant the keyboard and actually finished a major major ... general? captain volume of work.
This will effectively reduce the stress of my friday and for that I am moi grateful to myself... umm... can you be "grateful to yourself?" or is that maybe just weird?

ah whatever... I'm weird to start with.

ps. I'm kinda stoked about these cholesterol numbers... they are not all normal... there's a couple of "high middles" but none are in the danger zone... Meanwhile my father and brother both had complete diets handed to them following their tests... so Suz and I were gearing up for bad news... and... well, "continue to eat sensibly... watch out for saturated fat and come back for another test next year" is... way way better than I expected. :)

K... time to go home. I've totally had like, zero chances to read anybodies anything today... sorry if I missed anything guys. :)

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