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Mystery solved: (sorta).

When my folks left for their Queen E 2 cruise... they stayed in Honk Kong for a couple of nights... then hit the ship.
We heard from them via an email that spoke of their great happiness and excitement.
Then my dad tempers it all with a short comment at the end about "... except for a few small mishaps".

Well... that was all it took.
My brother, sister and I are well tuned to our families predisposition to hide calamity until there's no denability left.
We all instantly began imagining the various situations.

They have not answered in any detail, our requests for clarity.
However... papa sent a picture in the mail.
They are dressed to the nines, posing all squeaky cute, on the cruise ship.
Everything seems all well and good... save for one small detail.
Here's the crop...

However... no word on how or when.
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