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Wednesday, April 6

Ok, so yesterday was all wonderful and stuff... 'cept the weather was kinda sucky.
Yeah, well set me up again bartender, except this time, make it sunny.

It's fuh-quing gorgeous outside... it's like some kind of weather fantasy. (of course, in my fantasy I don't spend the day in a windowless cube wishing I had a cordless hand drill cum Office Space...) and shut up about cum... the stuff you wipe off your chin is apparently spelled "come" and this cum is latin. :D It's sad how trivial stuff turns the most normal thing into porn. ah well...

Hey... how about some coffee maker fun? Our freaking $135 Kitchen Aide Coffee maker ... is one wicked ass piece of total scrap and I should smash it to pieces in a fit of rage ... just so I could take pictures and show it's friends. However... my succka coffee maker has no friends... Nobody wants to be your friend when your an overpriced whore. It's been screwing up a lot lately... and this morning... on a work day no less, it had the gaul (gall? gawl?) to stop the "making coffee" process after the little water line passed the four ... instead of the eight. So half the water never goes through. We make strong coffee... but that's just sick. That little bitch is going back!!! (hahaha... we have the "The Bay" receipt from two years ago... and it say's "satisfaction guaranteed"... so I'm taking it back.)

Hey that RIDICULOUSLY COOL google map slash satellite thing is awesome... and is so crazy popular that it actually fried under the weight of so much webby love last night. hahaha... check and click the upper right hand thing for "New Satellite" link. Peeps are zoooooooming in on their house and posting the pic. The result of this initiative is to re-enforce the notion that... we all live on the same suburban block of "residential" houses as per the 1999 version of Sim City. (ok, not everybody... but still...)

~ green ftls
~ dk blue dockers
~ white t hiding under a dk blue turtleneck... the days for a t-neck are quickly vanishing as summer approaches...
~ peer review time with the project...
~ and apparently we start on a new RFP today... sigh...
~ Looks like a cool LOST tonight... and Alias? (don't know if it's new tonight...)
~ to point out that anyone reading my friends pages would take about six seconds to see that it is definatly spring. Hola people... randy much?
~ that ladyfire could see how big my smile is... and it's because I'm so happy for how things are in her world!!
~ to send some good vibes out to a particularly strong young woman... be well fireflieslie... :)
~ to remind lizzola that she's... ten kinds of good and sixteen kinds of wonderful... eleven kinds of sweet... well, I could go on...
~ to acknowledge that I spent a moment or two today trying to turn my head upside down to look at kumi...
~ and to send a very general thank you, out to thedreamingtree ... you take good care of me sugar. :) thanks.

// Welcome to Italy. Please put on your shoes and line up behind the yellow line and prepare to show your papers.
Note: the yellow line is actually pee from the bazillion visitors to Rome who can't find a bathroom... but hey... we asked you to put on shoes.
(300 people pass the dead pope per minute... HAHAHAHAHA... you went into debt to fly to Rome and RUN PAST A DEAD POPE with some guy in a big red cape yelling "andiamo andiamo...") People gotta pay more attention to Boxing Fans... You see everything better on TV man.

// I still have snowshoes. :)

// Our news feeds here in Canada are all flipp'en along with yadda yadda about how the US is going to ask that all Canadians crossing the boarder to the US have a valid passport, via a slow implementation of this new rule over the next two years... My first reaction: "what? You mean I don't already have to do that? what the fuck are you talking about?" Second reaction: "what?" No really... why is this an issue? people talk like asking Americans to do the same is going to kill our tourist business and that asking us to do this is some big hardship??? Get over yourselves people... get a fricking passport and bask in the joy of a speedy border crossing without fumbling around with various pieces of ID and wondering "WTF... any smack monkey can get a Canadian drivers license..." Seriously though... talk about your non-issue. Get a passport... and get over this.

gah... I have to get to work...
but, as you may have guessed...
I could talk all day.

ps. I want a copy of Tango Shoes (??) by bif... anybody?
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