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~ Ed: "yo yo Wasssssup ma brother"
Sweet mercy... I don't have it on tape yet... but I'm sure I will eventually.
Ed heard this somewhere... and the "wasssup" is not some cheesy white boy Budwiser commercial either... it's like "WazzUp" with a hard click on the U.
The limp biskit crossed arms with the double bull-finger hand gesture is remarkably disturbing.
He's seven... this will pass... but honestly... I have absolutely no idea where he saw this. (and we don't get MM or MTV). :)

~ cleaning the trays below the elements on the stove last night... slipped... cut finger ... hurts to type with it... so I keep miss typing... it's kinda funny actually. :)

~ I have a doc appointment tomorrow at 8:45 am. After that... say by 9:15... I'm gonna get some blood sucked... for a cholesterol test ... family history of a problem and I've been putting off the test like a wanker for many many months. Hardest part? no eating or drinking... and not even a tic tac for 12 hours before the test. So at 9:05 I had a full mug of coffee and a small slice of truffle cake... I mean... I kinda want the test to be skewed towards the bad if at all possible... so my subsequent tests can show an improvement? Of course, I know I'll only be fooling myself. I suspect I may not be very good at accepting a major cholesterol problem ... grrrrrr!

~ I hadn't noticed... but the product (the "oqo") had finally gone from vapor ware to actual hardware.
Too bad their dev cycle kinda took long enough for their system to appear somewhat wanting now. Still... it's a wicked cool idea. Apple should have done this... they would have done a much better job.

~ It's like my friends pages are turning into a neonatal ward... or is that a prenatal ward? or maybe just a great big lemans class... (sp?). Bottom line... there are a whole lot of preggers friends out there. Latest addition? princessblondie. Team Time Bomb is on the grow!

~ oh, and big big congrats again to knightsdawn on the very recent birth of his newest son... Bilal. (march 24!!)

~ dear America... please stop complaining about your gas prices... it makes your artificially low gas prices shine like small super-novas (or would that be "novi"?).
You think it's bad now? ... you have no idea.

~ hey have you seen that dual hemi new super cab "F" series... it actually has a button to ... like... eject half the gas tank contents at a stop light. The second engine isn't even actually connected to a drive train... it just sits on the hood ... running... and looking whicked cool. AND it has harness bolts so you can get three ... count 'em three!!! car seats in the extend o'cab and they shortened the cargo area so it'll fit in most parking garages now... you know... like the one under the building you work in downtown. Man... you are so gonna blow them away when you cue up to leave the parking lot... people are gonna be like "dude... that's a spare hemi..." and you'll be like "heh heh... s'up" and they'll be like "woah..." and then you'll be like "check this!" then... when you gun it... the second hemi will rock on gimbles... and they'll be like "wwwwwwwoah"...

~ I fully intend to continue marking my kids Kumon exercises with red pen. Just say'en. :D
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