Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

on headaches...

So over the last couple of weeks... I've been
burning in and out of a headache zone.

This happens from time to time... and while it
drives me absolutely bonkers mid-zone, no
sooner does it end and a couple of headache
free days go by before I've all but forgotten
about it.

Saturday... was an all-day-sucker. It's like, ...
you go through with a normal day... laughing
at funny stuff... dealing with cooking, kids, and
the weekend... but throughout the whole
experience there is a low rumbling pain rushing
around your temples and the back of your head
like a tornado looking for a trailer park.

I track what I eat, and headaches, in private
posts and look for patterns.
I also track when I sleep via my journal...
I found a pattern with potato chips... msg
(like when we order chinese take out) and
another with peanuts (but how come not cashews?),
So there are no more chips or peanuts in my
universe and I try to limit the msg, which is, btw,
very incideous stuff... it turns up everywhere.
Believe me... the headaches are enough to
make this a good trade.

The thing is... it's not so much that foods cause
the headaches. It's more like... when the headache
zone kicks in... those foods make it worse... or
touch off "flare ups".

There's usually a nasty migraine in the first week
of a zone... (and I take imitrix for that) then a
couple weeks after of random day-long head
boomers that can be settled with advil...
but dude... two 200mg advil in the morning...
and two more in the afternoon... basically makes
me a zombie for the evening.

Any ways... the point!
I was really paying attention to when and how long
I slept over the last two weeks... and it's getting
hard to not conclude that I - for some reason -
cannot handle more than six hours of sleep...
and 5 1/2 - 6 is ideal... Any less and I'm a bag of
yawns... but any more than six... and it's a problem.
(and ps. We have a beautiful, relatively new - few
years - bed with a good matress.)

It's a drag actually... because if the kids or life
conspires to let us relax on a weekend morning...
I loooooooooove the sleep-till-ten thing... but
there's a good chance I will be a headache mess
for the rest of the day.

Meanwhile... today has been totally headache free.
Although I went to be at 3:45 (after changing clocks)
and got up at 9:00.


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