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Fried Rice

A recipe...

~ kinda for myself but I thought I'd share. :D

I made this rice at dinner and it was a total hit with the kids... and frankly, us too.
It's basically fried rice... but ... I'm just say'en. It's really freak'en good!
It got the George "this the best rice I've ever had" comment, so I thought I'd record the recipe. :D

Potential stopper: have rice vinegar in your cupboard. It's good in most chinese recipes. It's inexpensive and a your kids will inherit what's left of your bottle.

You'll need:
Fry pan,
Veg Oil,
Frozen Peas,
Light Soya,
Rice Vinegar,
Green Onion,
(o) green pepper
(o) red pepper
(o) chicken
(o) shrimp
one Egg!
some cooked rice.

Next time you make rice for dinner, make two cups instead of two. Put the second cup of cooked rice in the fridge and use that for this...
I'm assuming you have about a cup of cooked rice, but if it's half that... it really makes no diff.

Crack an egg into a little bowl and mix it up a bit.
Turn the heat to medium on a large fry pan and have a big wooden spoon handy.
Cut up a green onion, some green pepper and some red pepper... or not... I mean, what ever's in your fridge.
~ optionally add some hacked up cooked chicken or a few raw or cooked shrimp.

~ Put a little bit of the cut up onion and peppers in the egg and stir it.
~ Put a couple of tablespoons of veg oil in the already warm pan.
~ Chuck in a big handful of frozen peas.
~ Stir 'em around a bit...
~ Add the chopped up onions, peppers, chicken, whatever... and stir.
~ Drip in a tablespoon of Rice Vinegar... stir.
~ Add two tablespoons of Light Soya... and yeah, stir...
~ Now pour in the stirred egg and mix that up a lot!
~ Then in with the cold rice right from the fridge.
~ Stir this and squish it around to break up every little clump of white rice...
~ You may want to drip a little more soya in ... kind of a "to taste" thing.
~ Turn the heat down and let it really warm up... stiring it up.

One bite and you'll want to eat it all ... immediately.
If you make enough... this stuff is fantastic on the "warm some up tonight with the movie" plan.

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