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Ok, here's the deal... the email finally came through so I'll post it. Zebra and I always tape TV then watch after the lil'bits are all snug in bed and actually asleep... So I have not seen tonights episod yet... I have - however - noticed absolutely huge volumes of information being posted at the bbs (live feed trani's and general discussions) so there will certainly be more fuel for the BB update fires...
-- todays bb update (from lunch time today) --
ps. have I told you I love you lately?

I gotta stiff neck and it sucks!! (would you like cheese with that!)

BB Update Time
far too much has happened to cover it all ... so lets hit some hi points:
George: is a complete and total lunatic and I'm not saying this to be
mean... he's just a one wacked out guy and THE OTHER HG's R NOT SEE'EN THIS!
My prediction of him having a melt down before the end of yesterday may not
have come to pass completely but man-o-man, this guy is really out there.
BB is showing the "top-secret" George do'en his "Please don't banish me"
stick in the Redrum, and that's nice for us... if the HGs could see that
stuff they would carry him to the door themselves. Last night he did a
completely racist deal imitating an immigration status dude that runs a
convenience store... it was almost as sad as the "Somebody shot me" skit the
night before... Note: George accidentally killed a friend of his in an
unfortunate hunting accident some years ago and there is much bbs discussion
about the tastelessness (nice new word) of his "three bullet hole" skit. I
hope he goes... (as opposed to any of the others...)
Curtis: has magically transformed into one of the puppies from that
old coca-cola commercial with the little kid being swarmed by the puppies...
('member that one?). Anyways, he's grown all this soft fur, has puppy
breath and great big moon eyes. This could just be an optical illusion
caused by the unashamed love, lust and deeply seeded desire to actually
become Jamie (aka Michael Jackson). Some people think he's fallen in
mad-crush with Miss Washmetonnes but I'm thinking he just wants to bury her
in the basement and actually try to become her. Some say he will go this
week, but I seriously hope not - his over-the-top mooning after Jamie will
be too fun to watch dissolve when she gets booted next time round.
Brattney (the masturbating dynamo - TMD) is - IMHO - a great big ball
of nice. Her never-ending supply of stories-from-my-life could only get
more intense if she started prefacing all of 'em with "And one time at band
camp..." That not-withstanding, I think she represents most of the fun on
the show so there... She's coloured her soon-to-fall-right-off-her-head hair
back to something like a brown and is basking in the glow of her Most
Popular status - augmented slightly by the airplane fly-by with the banner
"Save Brittney - Vote George" that BB uncharacteristically allowed them all
to see. (hmmmm, me thinks they - BB - are just a'plotten HF after HF for
these happy folks).
Miss WashmetonnesCan anybody possibly make their eyes look like
narrow slits more than this girl? It is becomming more and more apparent
that she is not superficial... that would imply that something exists below
the survace that is being masked... sorry folks, there's nothing there.
Everybody (the other HGs) feels sorry for her 'cause she didn't get the nod
on Fry TV (nomination day) and is now 'on the outside', seeing as everybody
else got nominated... She through a (I'm quoting the Live Feed transcribers
here) "hissy fit" last night when BB gave everybody a survey to fill out ...
things like "which house guest will win?", "who is the most loyal?", "who is
the most two-faced?" Well Michael Jackson was none-too-pleased at having to
answer these questions... she felt BB would use the information to stir the
pot of emotions between the HGs. OK SOMEBODY GIVE THIS GIRL A CLUE... what
does she think they're doing in this house? Of course BB wants to stir the
pot... can you spell ratings? She really went to town, threatening to BURN
her survey ... BB got on the horn and balled everybody out a few times...
seriously, it was priceless. "The weekly budget will be cut in half for the
duration of the show if you don't stop discussing your answers and start
filling out answers to ALL THE QUESTIONS!"
Oh yea... in the middle of this, George is playing ball outside in the dark
with Ed and he falls (George) and ends up rolling (not a word of a lie here)
in dog shit... he even gets it in his mic!!!! I thought Ed was going to have
a heart attack - he was laughing so hard. Will that be on TV?
Cassandra: Perpetuating the image that she is the only guest on the
show with a personality above that of a 4 year old, BB pulled Cas into the
Redrum following the Survey Rebellion to talk about why the HGs have giant
sticks up their collective butts about BB trying to elicit some kind of TV
Show worthy interaction. The bottom line from that deal is that BB has
stated the HGs must either stop being so bloody superficial and mix it up a
bit or BB will continue to push their buttons. Some of the HGs got the
message while others simple dug in deeper. Regardless of her calming affect
on the others I'm thinking her days are numbered in the house only in that
there is no compelling reason to keep her - beside how nice she is and when
money is talking, "nice" ends up at the back of the line.
Eddi: by far has become the fav of the online bbs community of live
feed viewers. His straight shooter attitude mixed up with a serious warm
fuzzy discussion with Cas re: why are we all here and what do we want out of
it is making me think he and the Brat will be in the run for the green when
it gets down to the wire.
Josh: (imagine two or three pages of the letters HAHAHAHAHA at this
point) I can't figure this guy... He is as sweet as honey in the morning
half the time and dumb as a post the rest of it... The live feed transcripts
recount (with gusto I might add) the near miss the other night as he and TMD
lay on his bed (she's on top) for an hour or so talking in hush hush tones.
At one point a flurry of posts discussed their KISSING ... but alas, as
Chris Carter would say, "The Truth is Out There"... there was no real kiss,
although the Brat did kiss his cheek. They talked about how much they want
to neck until their lips fall off... please, if there is a god, let these
people stay in the house long enough to embarrass the shit out of
themselves... Have u ever seen a kids cartoon called "mega babies" or seen
the commercial? You know how the mega baby 'fart' is represented in the
cartoon? This is what I expect to happen in the Brats loins the second his
tongue touches the roof of her mouth.... She will positively become
air-born. As for Josh, he said something in the very first couple of shows
about bringing a box of condoms into the House... I'm starting to see why...
he must be experiencing a degree of dynamic tension that would make even
FrankenFurter break a sweat.
PS. The HGs do not realize that the live show (the Banishment installment)
is this Wednesday... they think it's Thursday... There will be much shock
and surprise I think.
PPS. Watch for George (the complete loon) to appear in the Redrum dressed as
Karen talking about breast size... just another reason to keep Dr.
Should-have-his-license-revoked around with a straight jacket on Wednesday
See ya.

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