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Another Survivor Update

We are such Lemmings!!!!

I am always so stunned at my capacity to be led around by the nose ring. Gee, could they have made it seem more like a total shoe in that Scari would have her flesh flayed from her bones at council or what? What's on the cutting room floor? Miss. Silver Panties waggling that big ol finger of hers at everybody else?

So this show was a real strategy episode... on the heals of the merger show we're all looking for the complex interactions that will reveal to us the nature of the new plot lines... what do we get? Hoodwinked that's what. More so than on any other occasion do I get the feeling that the gang is sitting around making complete plans that are destined for the cutting room floor at CBS.

In a nutshell:
~ last night we had a groovy boomerang toss reward challenge and when Scari won, it began to feel like a "fattening of the pig before the slaughter". "Ohhh I feel like I just won Miss. America" squeals Ample-Amber (Scari's complete and total lap dog) after Scari selects her to share the challenge winnings - a gourmet meal delivered in a tent somewhere away from the rest of the rice eaters... The worst part is that Ample was the most logical choice, having landed her boomerang second closest to the target... And what does the wicked witch of the West say when asked to consider the condition of the other team members...`"well, they have two extra helpings of rice! They'll be fine."
~ for immunity the gang plays a game of sticks. Make squares on a grid, one line at a time. If you can make a square on your turn, mark it and you go again ... until you cannot make another square. Ultimately, somebody scores huge with a long run of squares because everything just falls together... Chef Pierre wins the necklace of power and coasts along again.
~ at council we are treated to a royal butt bang'en by the editors as we patiently await the Scari toss … (Monty Python anyone…) "answer me these questions three…" and the boneheads vote lock along OG vs. KU lines ejecting Miss. Silver Panties 5 to 4 majority. Oh, and did you see Coconuts and the head gear? It's gets stranger and stranger every episode… She ties little bits of everything in there…

Now lets back up just a wee bit, k? Scari and Ample are out for the evening... Coconuts comment? "It feels like we won the reward!" (the reward of course, being Scari's absence). I have this image from the show, of Chef Pierre being quizzed by the story director, ... He says "Something's different... What could it be, what could it be, hmmm lets see,... ummm... oh.. the wicked witch isn't here!" My fellow survivor junki (and wife) Z commented that Chef Pierre looks surprisingly like Cher. Little mouth and all... just loose the beard and... well take a look. You'll see what I mean.

Sooooo, how much footage were we treated to dedicated to watching Cheese Boi lying his fricking big fat head off? OMG. The whole night vision scene with Scari and Ample begging for his continued support… and cut scenes to him in daylight talk'en about how hard it was to lie to them… Yea right. When a liar lies about lying you really gotta stop listening to him. There was this great scene when Ample hugs Cheese boi saying "Thanks, I owe you one…" One what? Over the next couple of shows we'll see a big ol'knife in her hands…

Survivor Sucks has posted a whole thread on CBS web site hacking with revelations pointing to Ample and Coconuts as the final two… nobody believes anything besides the idea that Mark Brunette is phuquing with our collective heads… But on that vein, can you dig how the aura of evil envelops dear little Coconuts.

She's a footwear designer? I'm thinking Toe Screws in Reboc white and red. Personally, I love it. Go girl! Explore that dark side… heck you're only on the number one rated television show in the land… why not make sure everyone knows you're a vindictive, evil, crummy rice cooker. Hahahaha… She attempted to establish an evil alliance with OG'ers in an ouster effort against ol'Scari… she thought she had Mrs. Brady conscripted to her cause… that being outright punishment for Scari 'cause she (Scari) was openly critical of Coconuts rice cooking effort. Which, by the way, sucked so badly she gave sticky rice balls stuck to edge of a high chair a good name.

In an ongoing effort to diss the crap out of Scari… here's a link from "survivor sucks" to her nipple… a shot from the big chocolate sauce sex party.

Ok. So I gotta wrap up… can you believe how this is shaping up? There is no "bare undies" tribe.. .no chance. There is only a cohabitating of the OG's and the KU's. It's incredible how the OG's have ended up in this position. They have KU at a five to three advantage. Who on KU is gonna break ranks and beg? Coconuts tried but her effort was as an agent provocateur… Mr. Totally-Useless, slab-bench building Nick has been living under the sweep of the voting radar for ever… he must know he's useless? Now that his sole sisstah! (remember the "once you've eaten black you never go back" comment?) is gone, what he heck is he gonna do? Farmer Bob will keep on fishen for his fortune…

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