Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

They are like giant predators...

Edward is playing at the end of the laneway.
The little stream of water that courses down the edge of the street,
is a source of endless fun.

I'm there... beside him, talking to him and Geo as we get ready to go for a walk.
Edward steps past me to be "on the road"... almost an effort to be contrary.

A car is parked across the street... making the street narrow at this specific point.

From several houses up the street... a GIANT SUV's pulls out of it's lair laneway.
This one is an Eddy Bower Expedition... sounds almost cuddly. There are many on our street.
It's a neighbour... a friend... we talk to her all the time.
I absently move Edward from where he is, to where I want him to be with a hand on his shoulder.

He is not looking in the direction of the SUV.
He is looking defiant and decides to exercise his independence at just this very moment.
He steps back around me... onto the street.

The SUV is about a full car length away when he does this.
AND she cannot even see him... specifically because of the height of her chair and the vehicle.
I GRAB him and yank him onto the laneway.
He was never in danger... except... if she even adjusted her steering the tiniest bit... he would have been a squish mark.
I was scared.

I raised my voice to him in the garage, where I sat him down to watch his dad gesture and make noise.

They are like giant predators...
mindlessly moving through our world...
unaware of the fear they strike in the hearts and minds of those they encounter.

I hate them and so should you.

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