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Tuesday, March 29

Sick of these morning pictures yet? hahaha...
Thirteen? Lucky thirteen baby... it's going up to one-three today.
It's like heat dissipation from mommy nature taking on the whole team...
rug burn transposed onto us unsuspecting peoploides.

What's long, smooth, black and makes me really happy?
Let me explain...
The polar ice cap on that has hitherto been enveloping my laneway...
has receded!!!! there's a 10 inch region of ice at the end of the lane ...
off to the side... but everything else? Pavement... beautiful, smooth,
non-lumpy black pavement.

It's going to be a beeeeee-you-tee-ful day today... and I intend fully to escape the cube at least long 'nuf to go for a walk at lunch. :)

~ dk blue ftls
~ dk blue dockers
~ maroon dress shirt and a blue brocade tie.
~ clear everything to do with this bid off my desk and my lap top!!!
~ a little corporate culture torture... and it's always better to give than to receive. (cryptic much?)
~ big two hour Amazing Race tonight!! honestly... I'm hoping to choke with laughter.
~ I had me one of them new fangled eye-macs. I'm still twisted over it...
~ that today goes well for txdevil. They're sticking a camera down her throat!!!
~ to just send a few warm vibes around the planet to sleep_walker... just cuz...
~ that inspectorjury keeps putting that sense of humour to such good use! :)
~ that all my friends with kiddies trying to get over flu bugs... get past the worst of it fast!

// City of Ottawa officials are being criticized for allowing companies to participate in contracting bids that have hired laid off city staff who know the bid system like the back of their hands... "Unfair" cries the complainers... Talk about your whiny, snively wankers. Lets see... The City lays off some long time employees who work in the contracting department... they get snatched up by the big companies that do business with the city to help them with their process... and the companies that didn't snatch them up are bitch'en about what's fair and not fair? What, exactly, do these complainers think should happen? All senior city employees must be executed upon termination of employment? Lobotomized perhaps? Oh wait... Barred from thinking and getting paid for it at any future time? Or perhaps just a new hurdle for the companies that want to do business with the City... They should what? Submit their employee records to the city for scrutiny? Unbelievable.

... and a joke!!!

(heard this on the radio)
So Tom Thumb, Sleeping Beauty and Quazimotto are all sitting around having a few drinks.
Sleeping Beauty speaks up... "I am the most beautiful woman in the world!!"
Tom puts his two cents in... "Yeah? well I am the smallest person in the world!"
So the hunch-back pipes up... "Arrrg... clearly I am the ugliest person in the world!"
"hey!" say's Tom... "why don't we check with the people at The Guinness Book of Records about all this?"

So they all trot down to the GBoR offices.
Sleeping Beauty goes first... and after just a few minutes, she emerges triumphant.
"Well now... I really am the most beautiful woman in the world!!"
So Tom goes in and again, after just a few minutes, he comes out with his hands on his little hips...
"Ha Ha! I am indeed... the smallest person in the world!"
And then Quazimotto goes in... and sometime later... many minutes later... he stomps out of the guys office.
"Ok... who the fuck is Camilla Parker Bowls?"

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