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~ [ :: this is an interesting post from someone I don't know... short and ... to the point! :: ]

~ it is a bad idea to quickly nick into the kitchen, drawing only on abiant light from the hallway and make a pot of coffee... then nick away to read the paper on the john.
~ well... ok, it's not a bad idea in and of itself... however, the coffee pot being in the sink through out the process tips the scales towards the "bad idea" side rather sharply.

~ this wee plastic frog was in a birthday party loot bag that came home with geo this weekend. It is a dead ringer for the frog logo in Azureus... *AND* he really looks like he's grabben my nose!!

~ tomorrow is a work day... and the project I was this close (imagine me squishing a couple of fingers together as emphasis) to losing my marbles over on friday... has been rescued over the long weekend. I intrepidly await what news waits in the land of Bid Mania.

~ Medium is calling to me from the pvr...

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