Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Monday, March 28

Well yesterday was an exercise is eating! yikes... lamb in the afternoon and ham in the evening... and all kinds of groove stations yummi to go with both meals!! My sister tried to sneak tofu hot dogs into the dinner plates of the young guns... hahahaha... they ate 'em... but there was much complaining about the "weird tasting dogs" hahaha... sorry, but kids buds are way to young and effective to fool 'em.

After several days of crazed sunshine and headaches... it's a cloudy day with threats of weather on the horizon and ... a distant rumbling in the back of my head that seems to be warning me... I think I'll eat an egg (helps for some reason) and go for a walk... fresh air ALWAYS helps EVERYTHING.

Suz watched a flick called "suzannes diary of nicholas" last night... she came to be after bawling for half the movie. Too many cry-your-eyes-out-movies for me and I get a little jaded. :) I played at while she grabbed kleenex.

~ black ftls
~ old blue jeans
~ very comfy old navy cotton shit...
~ a trip to my SIL's to bring over their new computer.
~ try to dm a short 1 on 1 AD&D game with Geo...
~ squeeze time to watch a little of "The Peacekeeper Wars" into my day...
~ hmmm make a nice dinner. :)
~ to send healthy healing vibes out to dinkydo... no sickies for dee dee!!
~ that angry_amy finds the road ahead... just find it... then walk it.
~ that someone would send me an mp3 of "simple plans" I'm Just A Kid

// we had this conversation at dinner ... at brunch actually... about "shopping canadian". Talking about the evils of shopping at Walmart versus zellers (zellers is still owned by HBC... although apparently Target is looking to buy that up).
See... , ok, it's a big complicated issue... but you know there are no end of "buy american" adverts in the states... sponsored, usually, by the labour unions. In my experiences here in Canada it's usually some kind of national pride thing... where someone tells you to shop canadian... avoid the big box stores from the US etc... because... it's putting canadian manufacturers and retailers out of business.
And I just don't get it.
The country... the government... is not much concerned with how well I'm doing.
They all want me to take care of my own finances and earn my keep.
But when I say that a company should... take care of their own finances... and earn their keep... I'm called "anti canadian" and criticized.
Please jump off a cliff into a valley of broken glass.
I mean seriously.
If an industry is failing because foreign competition is killing it... then maybe that industry is just not meant to be.
"Oh but what about sweat shop and child labour... Those other countries pay their workers 1$ a day..." etc etc etc etc etc...
Shut up please.
If the industry is fed by evil do'ers... then the fricking international community ... my government... etc... should do something about it.
Stop them from bringing their products into our country for sale.
If it's so terrible... why are we stocking the shelves with it... and WHY IS IT UP TO ME to go broke not paying lower prices.
I'm just a consumer. It shouldn't be up to me to set international trade standards.
I want to have a generous return policy, low prices, options when it comes to buying quality and well stocked shelves.
I'll take that where I can get it, thank you very much.

ps. earthquake in south east asian sea? well I wonder if the christian aid agencies will be once again called out to indonesia to provide food and shelter to those willing to convert.

Time to go play with the boys.
See ya. :)

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