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It's a JSM day!

holy crap... somebody Just Shoot Me... Tylenol nighttime extra strength cold caps are the only thing keeping me from totally succumbing to the sensation of being a sick sick sick puppy... Of course if I send someone an email consisting of 6 or 7 pages of the letter "d" ... that'll be a sure sign I've bonked my head on the monitor after falling asleep.
~ total point zero day...
~ dk blue long sleeve with white horizontal stripe from sleeve cuff to cuff..
~ elevendy-hundred pocket pants that go swish swish when I walk..
~ phenomenally comfy sweater
~ dem shoes...
~ to pretend to be productive as I slowly die at my desk
~ to post a survivor update
~ somebody would give me all the necessary linkage to be sure and not miss the still-cam simulcast of Steph and Dan's wedding!!!!!
~ I was tired from having way too much sex instead of just feeling like a warm pile of dead people
~ I could go to Fairfax so I could give a raging High Five to my pal for life - Jane I listened to a sappy love song and grabbed kleenex in honour of your posted convo yesterday! VH5 (Virtual Hight Five)

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