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So... here's a clue.
I really do NOT care if my journal entries offend you.
Go away, if it's a problem.
Engage me in debate if it isn't.
I swear... how often does this have to be said?
Obviously I suck...

I mean....
I make a really very serious effort to
share good vibes, and bring a little
sunshine and sugar into the lives of
my friends when time lets me take
it out for such things.
But I will say what I say... period.

next topic.

oh ma gaaaaaawd. what a frigg'en day.
Not a moment goes by without the sun
sneaking around the corner of my TOTALLY
WINDOW BLOCKING baffles and taps me
on the shoulder to remind me that a) the
weather man is a jack off and it's not
anywhere close to snowing... and b) I
haven't been outside for one second
since I walked from the car to the
building this morning... HEAVY SIGH.

random: Condo Condi The Rice Queen... looks kinda cute with thumbtacks through her eyes holding against my baffle. :)

Cool link from my iPod Suffle'en CWD (co worker dude). [ :: click me... It's about mp3 players :: ]

When the occasion calls for it... what do you say?
Poll #459454 all day... every day... baby.

All day... every day is

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