Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

hahaha... ok.

Here's some manifesto type info for those that actually give a rats ass...
(and that there are any that do give a rats ass... never ceases to amaze me)

I will say what ever I like in my journal...
and if it's slanderous or libelous...
then those affected can sue me...
but I don't actually ever do that...
so that's a non-issue.

If my ragg'en on the rant-de-jour gets your panties in a bunch...
Please go and make yerself a cup of I don't actually give a shit.
Or feel free to stop reading my journal. (d'uh!!)

People come to me with words of derision wanting to let me know how disappointed they are in what I have to say.
Others are more forward with attitude but the most fun are the many that take the time to write emails...
You are welcome to comment in such a way all you like but when I tire of your complaining about how I write in my journal... please expect me to make fun of you.

I love... Love with a capital L, the invitations to debate, heated or otherwise, that are sparked by my sometimes (hahaha...ok, often) overt attitudes about things.
I have changed my tune, found new insights and learned a great deal from those exchanges.

My journal! Mine.
My opinions... Mine!
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