Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Sunday, March 13

So what are you waking me up for ????? geez... the kids get up at 9:00... and wake me up to ask me to come downstairs... then they vanish to the basement to play. I'm awake exactly for what purpose? haha...

Yesterday was one seriously lazy day, and it was perfect. I didn't have my wake up shower till 2:00 pm...
The store we bought out skis at ... has a bigger sale on now than when we bought 'em... so we popped in and they pulled up the invoice and gave us an 85$ rebate... which we pumped up by another 15 and bought the kids new Columbia three-in-one's for next year... I like "price protection" policies. :)

We cued up The Village last night... but we both kept passing out before we could get to watch any of it... so it's on deck for tonight.
Oh and I made a Raisen Delight - just a name - last night and it's always a crowd pleaser... I'll post the recipe later... with pics. :)

~ pj pants
~ a smile... two miles long..
~ a hoodie. :)
~ tkd, and a couple of job jar things...
~ put on "Greese" soon ...
~ take geo to a birthday party at "Laser Quest"
~ watch "the village"
~ watch BSG
~ chill... :)
~ good mojo to kimberly27616 at the hair apt tomorrow. :)
~ a happy anniversary to txdevil... big smiles...
~ that my friend kimmellee is ok!!! gah...
~ and sending big giant fat round-tummy loven squishes to jaggedpill... just 'cuz.

It's march break this week... the kids are off all week, and I'm taking thurs and fri off to be home-daddy while suz works. I wonder what we shall do... :)

I really need more coffee and to get the kids to eat someth'en. :)
See ya later. :)

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