Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Oh my gosh... long day!!

It's almost over though.
I've got to go back to Kundstadt or whatever it's called...on the way home from work. The sports store that I blew off because of their crummy service to have them fix the ski's they sold me for Geo. (Atomics - the little "guard" on the toe of the ski popped off...)

I'm seriously pissed off at myself... It's only taken one day back at work for me to totally destroy one of my thumbs... if you know know me... then you know what I'm talking about. I've spent the last two weeks trying to fix things up... and now... I'm starting over. crap.


Big Congratulations out to a long time journal
friend... My little sugar-veet... queenveets.
She just got herself all married off and has come back
from her 'moon with a smile. :)

No seriously though...

~ this is a happy girl.
[ :: and this is the happy couple :: ]

I've read and tried to keep up with Veeta for a few
years now... and it's been nothing short of a gift to
have her sense of humour around for my reading

I have all this little mpegs of her being a goof with
her friends... and people be warned... those movies
you shoot when your drinking with your buddies...
and then post... people watch... and save those. :D

How little-girl-on-her-big-day does [ :: this picture look :: ]???
... and is this the face of a [ :: very happy veeta :: ] ???

Congratulations sugar-veets... I wish for you both
all the happiness and good health that the world
can spare and that you never ever lose your
brilliant sense of humour.

... and sugar... You remain absolutely beautiful...

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