Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Friday, March 11

Well the power must have gone out at home... the server was up and serve'en when I got here... :)

Hi. :D Home safe and sound.
Nobody broke... but man did I ever want to call in dead today.
My legs are threatening to go out and get a new body!!!

I've a whole vaca journal entry with pics etc... but that wont be ready till tonight. :)
This is where we were...

(and when the server comes back - hopes!!! - ... the pics will show... :D)
Oh my god did we ever have fun... It was killa cold... but that's ok.
It's a winter thing...

Oh and I got a note from gmail support saying the Reply Via the in-line comment email thing should work again... we'll see today. :)

~ red stripee ftls
~ cotton cargos... [ :: friday? Yeah... well I'm not into jeans today... :: ]
~ gray b.u.m. t with a tommy sweater.
~ stupid black shoes because I forgot to wear more casual shoes... :)
~ instant work... gah!!!
~ grid review to match resources to a bid
~ bid review for the boss...
~ and then my other boss is ready in the wings with whatever is next...
~ to finish up my vacation entry tonight. :)
~ I was at home in bed... no seriously... sigh.
~ to send all kinds of support and love out to debby... don't let the fuckers get you down sugar... they don't know shit.
~ I had some idea what's been going on around here... hmmm anything specail? Come on... point me to it. :)

// I spent a good bit of time listening to the tributes being paid during the memorial services for the four RCMP killed in Alberta last week.... and it burns my ass. Some worthless piece of shit with no life, no accomplishments - other than getting an entire community to hate his punk ass guts - no goals and no contribution can load up and take out four people who have more life-value in their baby toes than this dick will ever hope to have. How unfair and crappy is that... There are a lot of other issues at play in this case but the fact remains that the value of a life can in fact be measured... and while it's not a crime to come up wanting in that measurement... it's just totally sick that people with so much to offer are traded in for sorrow because we let that fucker live his worthless piece of shit life.

// News of the world... Middle East peace process is all fubar? Alert the media... Idiots... more good money tossed in after bad because people think they can tell the Israelis and the Palestinians to make peace. Losers. Please stop spending your citizens money on this stuff George... Oh and listen... if all those people in the bursting jails in Baghdad are getting you down... you could always load 'em on a train and gass 'em... right? I mean... how dare they fight one another over issues seated in hundreds of years of history and religious intolerance and extremism? Let alone fight an occupying army that is the personal brut squad of the guys sucking the money out of their country like Devine Brown working over Hugh Grant... Just go all "final solution" on them and be done with it... You know it'd be a lot easier to get that oil out of the ground if all the people would just... you know... go away.
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