Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Tuesday, March 8

See ya on Friday. :)
edit: geez... it's frick'en cold out!!! Today and tomorrow will be the coldest days we've skied on this year... and I wonder about the boys. :) (Yes, it will be fine... but ... bracing! :D)

While I'm away...
Be nice to some random journals... it's like candy.

~ green ftls
~ pj pants
~ comfy shirt, ski sweater
~ to drive away at 9:30 on a 2 - 3 hour drive (depending on roads and weather) to a little ski resort.
~ ski in the afternoon with z and the kids... (they have lessons in the mornings... so z and I ski together then...)
~ tour around after dinner
~ sleep like a dead person... :)
~ that ... "things" move along nicely for boogierock and that little bablette-to-be. :)
~ that tassy's voyage is safe and ... leads to all kinds of good.
~ for some journal peace to catch up with thedreamingtree... a nice girl... who is, in fact, at good person! period!
~ some wishes for pageeater... just cuz....

// A thought for a tuesday:
Why does the american government think it has any idea at all about what is good and not good for the countries and people that live in the middle east?

Ok... time to go pack the car. :D
See ya.

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