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babies babies everywhere...

Hiya Lj.

I've been pretty wrapped up in my own problems lately and it's starting to wear on my that I can't find the time to talk to my friends... And don't give me any of that "home comes first" crap... it is coming first... and second and third... then there's work... oh and after that, sleep... but if I don't fit in Lj face time I think that I will explode. :D

Did you know your baby can get hiccups in the womb? Does anybody else thing the word 'womb' sounds more like a sound than a word? My wonderful friend Toy (dailymom) was dealing with hiccups intra-uteria (yes I just invented that word... sue me)... I remember this ... well, from the Zebra telling me about it point of view... and I remember watching the rhythmic bumping against her belli. I wonder if Toy knows she's going to have a boi? I do.

Another friend... one that had to abandon her journal for goofy but unavoidable reasons (feariefethers) is gonna have her baby in, what? like three weeks. WOW. this will be her third baby...

Preggers (Jess) is zooming up on her babies big jump out and scare ya day... Babies babies everywhere. I am soo lucky to get to know you guys... It really struck home when Jane (janedeau) had her little eating machine (zoe). I was just beside myself with excitement when I knew she had gone to the hospital. And yet... her main squeeze - a remarkable guy named Gray - doesn't even know me... I don't know... it's strange to let myself become so emotionally invested in Lj relationships but I cannot imagine how someone is gonna talk me out of it...
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