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~ just say'en... wicked good song!!!

My bandits are ready... (new skis...) I pick'em up on the way home from work...
(and that's my new jacket behind me in the pic)

Long day... but it felt longer 'cause I'm sooooo bagged.
I need to get some good sleep tonight. ;)
(and watch Alias!!)

What's it take to "make your day"?
I mean, as long as your not Squint Plywood... you wont need a gun to answer that.

To make a really significant difference in a persons day...
it usually takes nothing more dramatic than extending a kind word.
Of course, the groovy thing is that what goes around... tends to come around.
It's a "cast bread upon the water" kinda thing.

See ya tonight. :)


ps. Anybody remember that SNL fake commercial for the Licoln Town Car... had a Moyle doing a bris in the back seat... "A ride sooo smooth..." etc... ahhh the old days.

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