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Friday, March 4

Holy sunshine!!! It's gorgeous outside...
'gah!!! I hope this weather hangs around for next week...
(Our little three day family ski vacation is next week!!! :D)

I gotta say... about Survivor last night...
while South Africa enjoys Survivor Vanuatu, we are getting the WWF edition here in NA ... wow!

~ black ftls
~ blue jeans... [ :: and yeah, so it's like a habit now... :D ::]
~ strong bad T and a denim shirt...
~ a wee little piece of egg... just over here ... (picks at his face)
~ seems like I'll be on a new RFP ...
~ and boss man keeps talking about going away to a client gig...
~ busy ... is good, in this line of work.
~ tonight? Pick up skis...
~ write about Survivor... and man ... that was vicious!!!
~ that I always manage to find myself in the company of people that aren't afraid to call me out on shit...
~ that sleep_walker would get to class!
~ no nagylover, it's not wrong... I do it all the time... hahaha... :D
~ I could mail our little bed-rail-guards down to Carolina... I'm sure kimberly27616 could use 'em... :)

// crow time
(this is for you msmichelle and fallingforward)
I was trying to be offensive yesterday with my comments about Miss Polifax Spy... er... Condoleeza Rice... (the good doctor),
but that effort went to far ... I recognize that my comments about her crossed over from snarky crap into the realm of racial slurs,
and that's not right... unless there's a reasonable expectation or circumstance of sarcasm... and this wasn't a humour based rant.

So I apologize to the friends and strangers that were offended.

I'll make no excuses.
I still think she's a punk.
And I'll make mistakes again...
I journal in a way that lets me wander down the dark corridors. It's pretty much half the reason I do this.
That wont change.

I also hope I will always be fortunate enough to have people around that take the time to call me out.


Western Canada... All of Canada... mourns the senseless and wasteful deaths of four members of the RCMP.
This is a terrible loss and highlites the ridiculous nature and results of laws that are based in bad science and propaganda.
It's a sad day for cops and tokers.
It's time Canada did something about the pot laws.
Dear American Government:
Please take your "war on drugs" and shove it up your ass with all the little points of light and the all those people in your village.

K... all done.

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