Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

So my bro and his squeeze do this "oscars" party
every year... it was last night. (hahaha... ok, sorry).
My nephew, his son, had his family birthday yesterday
so we all got together at bro's house and when that
faded past cake and prezzies... it became the oscar gig.
They had rope lighting out-front and a red carpet thing...
and televisions all over the place.
It's dorky and exceptionally fun...
a chance to play with nice wines and hang with your friends.
I know three people personally that I consider to be frick'en
balls out experts on all things wine related.
My bro and sandy (aforementioned "squeeze") are two of them.
This wine-ological-lifestyle figures well into their social calendar.
... any how...
We were not for the game, suz and I... in that our charges
were in need of homework finishing, and to-bed going!
However, just before we left, I filled out my Oscar survey...

[ :: my carefully calculated industry savvy predictions... aka pfffffft :: ]

... won me the "oscar" they give away each year.
So I have him for the year and have to return him before next
years gig. (I had 12 hits out of the total and apparently that
was enough to garner the win!)
My bro came by tonight to hand it over. :)
~ I'd like to thank my lawyers... *

* somebody, I think it was swank, actually said that... I mean ...
you gotta be seriously tongue tied to be thanking lawyers...
(ahhh... JK glenn... no really....) :D

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