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Amazing Race 7 Pre-show

Amazing Race 7 Pre-show!!

Tuesday... March 1 (!!!thanks guys...) ... it starts again!

Just when I thought I had a night off from the television... the come and pull me back in. Trying, and failing, to channel Al Pacino. So, I pop over to the CBS web site and watch their "interview me" videos... and I get a few first impressions. So... I thought I'd share those with ya. :) (if you do nothing else... watch Ryan and Chucks video!!)

Brian & Greg
~ "Hi... we're a couple of stoners but we gotta hide that... 'cuz this is like... American Television and nobody smokes pot in America... right?"

Debbie & Bianca
~ The marginally clean cut girls that want desperately to be considered ho-biscuits but can never manage to get further than a low cut, tight t-shirt. I'm betting hard-core annoying laughs will show up.

Lynn & Alex
~ And the fags... gotta have some tower-of-power boys... because they add so much spithe to the show. "But we don't smoke anymore... we quit for the show..." How does that work? Are they covered in patches?

Megan & Heidi
~ hahahahaha... Ok, the down vests ripped from Back To The Future have got to go... Oh, and girls... please explain your lifestyle to Debbie and Bianca... they need pointers.

Meredith & Gretchen
~ the old couple... can't have a Race without a couple that look like they may expire at any moment.

Ray & Deana
~ this guy even smiles like that Jonathan asshole from last season...

Boston Knob & Amba
~ Check your watches guys... tick tick tick ... till they're gone! :)

Ron & Kelly
~ Apple Pie and a glass of milk. She starts hitting on him while she was Miss South Carolina and he was a POW in IRAQ. Check another box on the survey or things that make women the most complicated creatures in the universe!!

Ryan & Chuck
~ oh sweet South Carolina mercy... these buckaroos drove all the way to Myrtle beach once... and to think... Kelly plum missed these boys altogether when she was doing her Miss South Carolina thing... I just can't imagine why.

Susan & Patrick
~ Mom and son... can you see mom giving Patty a hard time when he starts trying to get Heidi to suck his toes bwahahaha... ok scratch that... Patty is playing for the other team so ... Lynn and Alex seem like more likely targets. Mom (check the video) does seem like she's about 19 and she can't stop smiling!!!

Uchenna & Joyce
~ phew... for a second there I thought they forgot the black couple...

... and that's it.
K... I really want Brian and Greg to be fun bobby's... but fun bobby's usually implode.
The smart money says Ron and Kelly win... what do you think?
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