Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

k... so I'm lying in bed ... almost asleep.
I begin to have a waking dream.
I have them all the time... as I fall asleep.
They're like commercials of dreams to come.
Short eye-blink moments with a dream like quality...
I recognize them because they are typically an image and sound!
Normal "imagination station corto" stuff... is no-sound.

So last night... I'm lying there, and I get an image of a guy at a microphone
and he says, as clear as a bell, "Even ideas can make you hungry."

I kinda wake all the way up...
the lights still on and Z hasn't come to bed yet...
so I only climbed in bed minutes earlier.
And I think about it.

"Even ideas can make you hungry."
~ like... I get it... you know, you can think about something and get a hunger on about it.
You can listen to a story and get a hunger from it.
Heck, I get a munch on just reading cooking books...
But generally, the notion remains... even ideas can make you hungry.

However, only eating can fill you up.

There are a lot of allegories wrapped up in that notion.

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