Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Sunday, February 27

So yesterday was another day of insanity and killa physical activity... :)
Up early and packing up the car for ski lesson day and day one on the new skis.
The boys made their lesson in good time... and Z and I skied our hearts out.
Bottom line: I'm not happy with the new skis. They don't cut an edge... I mean... ick!
So I'm gonna get diff skis today... hopefully. :)

We played hard all day... and came home to turn around and spend the evening at my SILs house...
then home for kids-passing-out-like-rocks... and me, trying not to... (pass out like a rock)
Alias and BSG were calling me from the VCR. :)

Now it's the day after and my right leg wants to beat the crap out of me... but that's from all the abuse. :)

Seriously, I cannot begin to explain how wonderful this experience has been... the "family" zone of going skiing and the physical result of spending so much hard-play-time out doors. :)

~ black ftls
~ old blue jeans
~ gray t and big big warm sweater...
~ ug...
~ trip to EB Games to get nephew a birthday gift
~ then to sports store #1 to check some prices..
~ than back to where I bought my "dynamic" skis... "sports store #2" and return them.
~ either buy a diff pair there or get 'em from sports store #1.
~ TKD all afternoon...
~ birthday dinner for nephew at my bro's house... big family affair...
~ then come home to an evening of homework, oscars, and massaging my sore leg! :)
~ that wenchlette enjoys her new toy... :)
~ for jerris_darkrun to settle his differences with Tom... (hahaha)
~ that teasdale gets to avoid big snow!
~ and that my friend kimberly... kimberly27616 snaps back to where she wants to be!

Geez.... February is almost over!!!
Man time is flying... of course, we're so busy lately that I can hardly keep my head on straight... so I guess that kinda goes hand in hand with the whole "time flying" thing.

And speaking of flying time... today is screaming at me to get busy...
so see ya. :)

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