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~ more b.u.m. boxers... well, yes, only one pair at a time.
~ dolce & gabana (sp?) cologne for boiz :D
~ cotton many-pocketed-darkblue-cargos...
~ really big comfy turtleneck thing...
~ dem shoes...
~ to leave in, like, 10 minutes, for a client site...
~ to stop smoking again...
~ to totally ignore crap at home so I can be a decent employee...
~ i could talk to my friendlaini ... I want so much for her to be well... (snif)
~ california was basically just up the street in front of my office... so I could just venture out there this friday and take my family to Disney with kristy.
~ I could get through the 1-800 service toLisa's voice mail.

Ok... time to go... I miss ewe Lj... just not enough time in the day...

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