Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Friday, February 25.

Today is day three in the three day school Ski trip thing... and then tomorrow is the regular ski lesson day... so that's four days of skiing in a row for Geo... as you can imagine, his ability to ski is climbing like a squirrel on the run... (happy daddy). It's sunny... biting cold with the wind... but I'm hoping the day gets a mellow edge for Suz and the kids (Suz volunteered for wed and fri... while I did thurs). Suz and I are gonna really focus on Edward tomorrow and next Saturday ... to help him get his ski feet ready for our ski trip in March. :)

~ dk blue ftls
~ blue jeans... [ :: so yeah, it's friday... :D :: ]
~ gray b.u.m. t and a big blue turtleneck...
~ downtown office again today... no cam, no windows, ugly brown cubicle... wohoo... go me.
~ fighting a head boomer... not bad ... yet... but I can feel it.*
~ take Z out tonight and buy her a pair of new skis (AND I just note... thank you - atomic web site - that it's skis not skies... Dear Editors... falling asleep at the wheel huh....
~ we watched Lost... rather late last night... but Alias awaits... as do a few episodes of WW ... although I think I (d'oh) taped over one... bit torrent will have to rescue me again.
~ that ladyfire has an absolutely wonderful trip with her squish-monkey. (more happy for her than is easily explained!!)
~ that I was at my proper desk with my proper chair... this is a horrid chair!!
~ to point out that the "apod" (astronomy picture of the day) is beautiful today!!
~ that nbbmom gets a handle on the "free ride" issue. :)
~ and that naynay7 has a good trip to Atlanta!! :)

// The pope got himself a little bung hole... how fun is that... can you just see him giving a speech with his finger in the neck hole... (not that he has had the energy to give a speech in the last fifty years). I wonder if he smokes ... like, all "in secret" ... 'cause now he can just wedge a fag into his bung hole and chat with the Bishops while he neck smokes... wearing a wife beater shirt and having a juice glass full of local red.

// MD... the must have jacket of the season...
American non-functional-rockets-with-bombs blasting overhead at non-existent targets.
"You would think that when America is deciding what to do when a nuke is headed for Canada... that they would want to be at the table."
You big big ... BIG... freak. I poop at you! And good for Canada to offer you some toilet paper to wipe that with.
nobody is ever ever ever going to send a missile attack from europe/asia to north america... and if they do... it wont be at Canada, at least not on purpose.
Spend a few hundred billion on a the next arms race... go ahead and try and build a missile defense shield. Even if it works... which it wont... but even if it did... no fewer than hundred thousand un-inspected tanker containers are unloaded every month in American sea ports. I'm just say'en...
There are sooo many good reasons why Canada said no to getting on the Bush MD Wagon.
Eat me Bush.

* that's the worst part of tension slash stress headaches ... you start to feel one... and you get stressed... you get tense about the frick'en headache... so the solution, besides or in-addition-to the advil... is some hard core zen trying to relax your vibe. Note: I'm working with a team trying to get a VAST AND MASSIVE bid prepared to answer an RFP ... this process is the absolute definition of freak out stress. (*sigh*)
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