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Rules? oh yeah... when you get down to the fine print...
it basically says they can stuff you in snow maker
and you gotta let 'em. :)

Destination number one! The STAR TEST... :)
If you can ski... prove it by snow plowing around
these pylons and stopping in the designated spot.
No star... you can't ride the chair lift.
The number of kids that just PLOWED into the other
kids in line... bwaahahahaha...

[ :: here's a very short video of Geo doing his star test... ::]

If you don't make your STAR...
You are sent to a "learning station"... 1 - 7.
#7 is "here is how to get on and off a chair lift".

The chair lifts take you up ...

... and we laugh at their little black diamonds...

This is three ski days in a row, btw... I just did
Thursday as a parent volunteer.
The kids all have a one-hour lesson lesson each
day and the time is assigned after the star test.

Other than noting when Geo and my "group" had
to get to class and finding everything for the bus ride home...
... they all just skied on their own all day. :)

After lunch I went to "station 5" on the Earn Your
Star program and worked with Eddy... (Geo's friend)
and three other kids from schools I've never heard of...
to help them earn their star.
We had a blast... seriously.
I went up and down the rope-tow hill like 20 times doing
the pylon run with them "THIS LEG.... THAT LEG..." etc...

This is Eddy's STAR.!!

So I took Eddy, and the other three up the big chair lift
and herded them down the "big hill" together...
(their first time on a chairlift... first time on a big ass hill... It was priceless!)

Then the gong sounded and it was time to watch kids fall
asleep on a school bus. !


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