Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Wednesday, February 23

oh man... I look like my face comes to a point... and his little highness has got to stop doing that hahaha... :D

Imagine... there are photographers that actually want to get pictures of Chuck and Camilla at their wedding...
Of course, Liz wont be there. She'll be busy organizing a "tea" back at some palace for the newlyweds...
Five bucks says she'll put out a little bowl of oats on the head table.

I will be buried away from windows... people... anything really... for the whole day.
Lovely. Hey look... is that writing on the wall?

~ new turquoise ftls
~ pants? kinda khaki... kinda cargo... and warm!
~ maroon old navy shirt and big beige sweater.
~ off to the downtown office for the day... to work with the "bid team"
~ to advance the crazy drama of my office situation...
~ to make a call or two...
~ Wednesday night TV insane-a-thon (taping Alias, Lost and WW - assuming that any of them are new)
~ hopefully watch Lost.
~ that shann sleeps great tonight... you tend to, after making good decisions. ;)
~ to send some good vibes off to pixiecup
~ and to tell mspish... well, that I'm glad it's ok. :)

If "concert hall" were the words of the prophet...
where would they be written?

K... time to get busy.
See ya at lunch. :)
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