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Tuesday, February 22.

WOW... talk about yer big fluffy snow flakes... and yeah, they ended and gave 'way to sunshine and spotchy things kicked up by every tire on the highway.

The day started well... Suz is working mon and tue this week because wed, thurs, fri are a "school ski trip" for geo and Suz is volunteering on two of those days... (I'm volunteering on Thursday!)... so I managed to grab a pic of my personal sugar just before she split ... big winter coat... scarf... all the lovely trappings of winter. :)

I'm all smiles today... just say'en. :D

Oh, and I started looking at some S2 stuff for changing my journal layout... man that stuff is confusing. gasp!!!! Who's a total expert on this stuff?

~ black stripee ftls
~ black cotton cargos
~ white t and a dk blue "pinwhale" corduroy long-sleeve
~ RFP reviews continue...
~ Lunch hour? go to Staples to buy this years installment of quicktax...
~ tonight? Taxes...
~ to just send some random good vibes out to a long time lj friend ... evangelinaarion... hi sugar Eva...
~ there was a magic wand I could wave ... because then I'd be taking bitchcakes_xo to lunch.
~ to send a little should out to kiki679... just 'cuz...
~ to shoot a few smiles at summer_flowers... who always seems to have time for me... thanks sugar. :D
~ to point out to no1topaz that I totally feel your pain sugar.
~ that life cuts joyfuldreamer some really good breaks... you're earning your wings every single day sugar!!!
~ that YOU would go look at todays picture on Apod!!!! wow.

// The Strange But True File: Ok... my kids are falling all over the place laughing after a commercial on TV showing a Barbie (was it a barbie or a knock off?) that actually pees. Not a Baby-Wet's-A-Lot ... but a dress up barbie doll thing... THAT PEES.
So they have Barbie Watersports all sewn up... what's next? Little cuffs and some red marker to blister up her ass after a good session with Barbie Mistress. Pull her string and she says "Yes Mistress... may I have another."

// Complacent Behaviour!!!!
That's the scourge of Liberal and Republican Democracies I suppose.
The Ashats with a big nasty axe to grind will send a hundred emails a week, hold a rally, and publish a newsletter to further their intolerant, bigoted and short sighted point.
Meanwhile, the other 80% of the population relaxes with microwave popcorn and re-runs of Magnum PI.
There are still a few Canadians alive today that remember a time when a woman could be jailed, without trial or legal council, for having a boyfriend of a different race... a time when a "home for wayward girls" was fodder for medical quackery and human drug experimentation... and did people rise up to put a stop to it?
There are many Asian Canadians alive today who wore the DP shirts and looked through the fence at their accusers ... their jailers, judges and jury's driving past with a blind eye.
I am made emotionally sick and physically angry by the endless braying of the close minded, bigoted, and uninformed fucktards that are pushing every button they can find to make the same sex marriage issue something it isn't. I cannot understand why our government decided to let it become a vote in Parliament when the issue was settled in [ :: Article 15 :: ] of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

Let me make it perfectly clear;
15. (1) Every individual is equal before and under the law and has the right to the equal protection and equal benefit of the law without discrimination and, in particular, without discrimination based on race, national or ethnic origin, colour, religion, sex, age or mental or physical disability.

The issue is not whether or not churches that do not condone same sex marriages will suddenly have to start shooting gay porn in the pews... let alone carrying on same sex marriage rituals... Religious freedoms are protected by THE SAME ARTICLE.

This is not a game. And these Canadians are not toys to be tossed back and forth by Political Lobbyists or Special Interest Groups. This is about whether or not Canadians and their political leaders will put their fucking money where their mouth is and support the Charter. Because if they do not ... if they choose to vote down the [ :: bill before parliament :: ] despite all the clauses addressing the concerns of religious leaders... same sex marriages will still be legal... gay canadians will still be able to adopt (as they have always been) and all that will actually happen will be that a figurative knife will be driven into the heart of canadians that want nothing but equal treatment under the law and by their government.

... and it's too bad I didn't have a wider audience to argue this point with... sadly... whether or not Lord Stanleys Cup should be given over to another challenge group of hockey teams (say the Canadian Nation Womens Hockey League) will occupy more brain space.

Ok... time to get busy... :)

Have a great day guys... :D
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