Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

zucchini on the side

So whatever you're having for dinner,
it'll go with this...
(serves 4 with second helpings...)

~ Two or three zucchini's... however big.
~ half a red, or orange, or yellow, pepper.
~ green onions... you know, the little guys with the long green stems...
~ couple of cloves of garlic
~ season: oregano, chili powder, pepper,
~ some parmesan ... shake shake shake...
~ liquid... a tablespoon or two of sun dried tomato salad dressing, or some "mediteranian" style red sauce. (I'm going nutz for Nandos "Roasted Reds")

~ When there's like less than 10 minutes till "dinner's ready"... turn the med heat on a mid sized fry pan
~ silver-dollar cut the zucchini and toss it in the now-hot pan with a dollop* of butter.
~ chop the red pepper (or orange or yellow) and toss it in.
~ stir stir... shake on some salt... stir stir.
~ chop a couple of green onion stems... half inch pieces... and in!
~ chop (not smash) the garlic and in.
~ stir stir...
~ squirt on the salad dressing or spoon in some "roasted reds", a shot or two of soya
~ splash in a 1/4 cup of water...
~ sprinkle on the oregano and chili powder and
~ ignore it for minute...
~ stir once and sprinkle a lot of parma on it...
~ cover while you get plates put together and then spoon this on.

* wohoo... I said dollop... now I have to be killed.

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