Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Sunday, February 20.

Up yesterday morning... evil early, considering I went to bed late (even by my standards) and absolutely tripp'en... :)
I zoomed the boys off to the ski hill for ski school and I read quietly in the chalet while they did their thing... Geo had a birthday party to go to at 1:00, so we forwent a "ski day" and stuck to the lesson only.

I made a dinner for my mom and dad to enjoy with us last night... (I'm gonna post some cook'en stuff in a bit). :D
... and then spent the evening with TV, and rebuilding my dads computer... which he's gonna give to my sister (see'en as he's all wire-less lap top boy now...)

Mommy Nature... crack fiend from plan nine... seems to have lost her schizo pills... It's either BLAZING brilliant sun with blue sky... or WAMMO... clouds out of nowhere and big fat snow flakes.

So the kids have these "window writers"... magic markers for ... writing on windows...d'uh.
And when the sun shines in the morning the images from the window [ :: this is the window :: ] shine through, projecting on to the vertical binds... it's kinda cool. :)

~ blue ftls
~ old track pants... (pj pants in the laundry)
~ strong bad (hi kimbers)
~ and a Old Navy fleece...
~ hmm... well, Ed misses TKD today because he's going to nicholes birthday party... :)
~ tkd at 3:00 for the rest of us...
~ home depot... and canadian tire... job jar stuff. :)
~ desperate house wives tonight. :)
~ to send some strength type vibes out to kumi as she makes choices... I hope all is well kumi-kyoki...
~ there was a magic wand to wave and makes things right in the world of aliseana...
~ that violet_black gets five thousand comments... (ug).

// got a minute? care at all about how things will turn out... (on a planetary scale)...
Spend a few moments reading this guy [ :: truth out dot org :: ]
~ don't jump on the "he's a nut job" wagon... because you read the first two lines...
~ read a little more...

and on a completely different topic...

~ I am in what might just be an unlawfully good mood. :)

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