Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Friday, February 18

[ :: and the web site friday picture :: ]
(with my groovy card from Kimberly... :D)

Holy dorkmeister morning!!!!
After getting a good start on the morning with the kiddos off to school and sorting myself out with a warm car. Then... then my car coffee cup... vanishes. Like... ok... on the way to work... cursing the metaverse... I began to think maybe I shoved it in the fridge when I put the cream away... but that is the LAST place in my house it can be. If it's not there... then a worm hole opened up in the space time continuum* and swallowed it.

Well I'm at work now... and they have endless coffee here... (not anywhere near as good as the 'bucks verona). :)

Just say'en... scrolling around my friends pages and feeling like a big schmoopy dip, what with all the very nice things my friends have to say.
Thank you... from the bottom of my heart... thank you. :)

~ black stripee ftls
~ blue jeans... [ :: the birthday bum... :: ]
~ gray b.u.m. equip t and a big very comfy sweater (wicked cold out there today).
~ sadly, to redo everything I did yesterday... because I just overwrote the file... and I should be shot... but fuck it. I'm in too good a mood to let that ruin my day. :)
~ lunch with some coworkers...
~ write about Survivor at some point...
~ dinner at my folks house... :)
~ That my boys, George (9) and Edward (7) live healthful lives and reach towards great happiness.
~ that my darling wife, suzanne, enjoys the life we have built together.
~ great big smoochy Happy Birthday wishes to my friends groovysegue, teq and laurel714

My deep thought for the day...
I was talk'en age with my mom the other day on the phone...
and while my age made her crack cute little jokes about how
this was possible... what with her being 29 and all...
I commented to her that these were the best years of my life.
I'm 43 today... and I am quite sincere when I say that I only
began to truly understand how to appreciate my life at and after 40.
Now careful.. that was tricky. I've appreciated my life all along.
But in my old age... (hahaha) I've come to realize that I can
appreciate it in new and more rewarding ways.
Oh sure... I've had a great life, at least in my opinion.
I've had my fare share of ups and horrible downs...
but overall... I know people out there have it a whole lot harder
than I ever had.
That's not the point... the thing is that I have more confidence,
self control, happiness, desire, creative spirit, wonder, clarity of
thought and appreciation in me today than I have had at any
other stage in my life.
For this I am infinitely thankful.

And I have wonderful friends to share it with. :)
Have a great day muchachas y muchachos... :D

* hahahaha... I spelled this right ... firs time around. Maybe there's hope for me yet... :D
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