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Yeah, so if "difficlut" was a word - and I think it should be - what do you think it would mean?


Three Survivors get the boot tonight... from 20 down to 17 on the first night.
They have a tribal "pick 'em" thing to nine-per-team and if you don't get picked... well, you go home.
And then theres the first immunity deal... which sends someone home. (so ... 3)
So who goes home? my guesses... Willard, Ian and Carolyn...


gah!!!!! I have headphones on... um... almost all day actually... but the point is... I just burped.
I have a sneaking suspicion it wasn't quite as quiet as Fefe dobson might be making me think.

You know... I was on the phone with Bell yesterday... I decided to drag 'em through the mud over not getting our "one bill" thing sorted out.
The happy-phone-voice-girl was helpful and I ended up with a 77$ credit on my account and a couple of free months of cell phone service.
So I'm figuring that is just about what it costs to rent a Satelite PVR (think Tivo but canadian - so it comes with mittens) for a year.
The thing is only 10$ a month added to your bill... So I call the boss... er... suz, and she's good to go so I make the call.
FAAAACK. "no sir... we only rent the PVR to new Satelite customers... but you can buy one for $299."
So it looks like I'm stuck with the VCR for the foreseeable future. *sigh*.


K ... it's time to drive home.
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