Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Tuesday, February 15

Yeah, so a quick review of my friends page... and I'm like... since when do you guys all have so much cool stuff to say!!! grrrr... and I can't sit here and sort through it. This, of course, is driving me nuts! :D

It's quarter to 8 and I have to, once again... fly out of here.

Oh, it's like... warm out???? everything is wet and melty... wtf?

~ dk blue brand new ftls.
~ dk blue dockers again... I tried two pairs of dress pants and... today must be a fat day or something.
~ maroon dress shirt and tie...
~ day two... workshop ... soooo much to do... so little time... no really.
~ we watched nadda last night so there's vcr fodder in the can...
~ to send some good vibes off to find heatherbell
~ ... a few extra to her_whispers... just 'cuz.
~ some prayers and hopes for rose_maiden and her mom. (And Luna!! you are in my thoughts...)

A couple of things...
one... why the heck does the highlight-rightclick-copy and paste thing from lj to my semagic widget now bring in every scrap of punk ass code behind the journal page when it used to bring over plain text!! (grrrr!)
and another...

I cannot know how hard a life can be... I only know the life I have
So judgment will be for someone else, and I will be afraid, angry and sad.
Be out there Tala.
Don't do this ... it gets you in trouble, makes things worse, and scares the crap out of me.
... and I really really want things to be good for you.
Things will turn Jess... Be here when it happens.

~~~ flies away.
See ya tonight.

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