Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless


Man that was a long weekend!!!
I can hear the vcr whirrring away in the background
snagging Desperate Housewives for us to watch later.
But I've still got to ice that cake!! :D
The kids are in bed... and out cold.
Mostly because... WE JUST GOT HOME. :)
Right after TKD was packed up and headed downtown...
Excellent parking near confed park and we were off. :)

Larger than life size!!!

The shuttle... does not come across as all
that in the pic, but the kids were agog!!

The little ice space man... very cool stuff.
(get it? "cool" hahaha... oh, ok... I'll stop! :D)

George and I... beside a sadly
sculpture of something big and with wings... :D

A complete living room... made of ice!!

And - of course - sponge bob...
(there was a "sponge bobs house"
pineapple too...huge and cool... but no picture)

And the "stick your face through
the hole for a picture sculpture. :)

Then we went skating... I was freezing...
but that's the illusion of being sedentary.
As soon as we doffed skates... we warmed right up. :)
This is the Rideau Canal... a 10 mile skating rink...
groomed and with "services" every mile or so... :)
It's to fricking die for... if you dig skating. :)
That's Suz, Geo and Ed pulling a sled with a bag
full of our snow boots. :)

I tried a no flash picture of us all...
but it's blurry

A nice view back down the canal...

Then we hit "The best pizza in Ottawa"...
Colonnade on Metcalf. :)

... and asked the waiter to take our picture. :)

With the BIG DATE NIGHT on friday night...
skiing all day saturday, TKD and the skate extraveganza today...
this has been a busy weekend! :)

ps. Those images are 480x360... instead of the usual 320x240.
Are they too slow to load? Any complaints?

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