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Sunday, February 13

Hola. :D

Yesterday was just awesome... !! We did the up and shimmy thing to get sorted for ski lessons and actually had to really boogy to make it. But Z and I were dragging ourselves around after the friday night fun zone thing. :) We put a really full day of skiing in and the kids had a total blast. Edward is OFF the bunny hill for his classes and on to the mogul free blue squares... so this bodes well for our planed trip to Grayrocks in March. :) He has that "fearless impossibly little kid" look in his helmet and gear ... zooming down a fairly steep hill.

Now... my back was killing me last night... but that's prol'y because my "big fall" while skiing was being taken out by a chairlift... versus actually falling while skiing. (I was paying attention to Edward and moved too close before our turn to get on... and the chair bonked Ed and I... yes it was one of my Menza moments... :)

Bottom line: fabulous day yesterday. :)

~ blue fts.
~ pj pants
~ big warm hoodie.
~ to recover!!!
~ it's TKD day...
~ watch Battlestar tape...
~ bake a cake!
~ build things with Edward.
~ I was operating the security cameras at the IKEA maggie shops at... :)
~ that my friend teasdale manages to find a little better health ... damn colds... :!!! green tea is your savior!
~ to ask a question or two to heatherbell!!!

Oh... now the "fabulous day" included a few issues with Edward as the night wore on. He earned something called a "screen free" day. He is rather unimpressed - and that would be a world record understatement. This punishment is 24 hours long... and beings the moment he reaches "three" for counted behaviors. Result? he can do nothing that has anything to do with a screen... tv, game boy, computer, ... whatever... for 24 hours. The key is that this is his punishment... not his brothers or ours... so if Geo wants to watch a show... Edward has to leave the room. ***le sigh*** It's the first time we've delivered on this one... and it's nnnnnasty. I suspect we wont have to do this very often.

Next up: Edward helping me bake a cake... I agreed to submit a cake for his school "cake raffle" fund raiser thing... so today... we bake! :)

// Steven Harper... the leader of the Canadian Federal Conservative party... is a fucking idiot. I have officially ripped up my conservative party membership card... If there were an election now, I would go the polling station and drop a blank ballot in the box.

// and in other news... Canada has a big ass thing going on about Day Care / Child Care. The gov committed to increased support for Day Care in the form of a national plan. Now the all the raging debate is about how they will go about this... they're talking about five billion dollars or something to get the ball rolling. There's talk about the A-B-C style in Australia... the subsidised day care in Quebec and yadda yadda yadda... But the voices that are getting all the air time lately are talking about how Day Care is really an decision about how we treat Early Childhood Education in Canada. What a fricking CROCK of shit...
I realize that ECE graduates are skilled professionals... but this is not a debate about that... this is a debate about the subsidization of day care for families where both parents work. That is the bottom line. If you mess around with the issue enough you can turn it upside down and effectively reduce the initiative to a lot of talk and opinion polls with nothing actually ever happening.
And the worst part? Any voice that speaks up to call attention to the notion that this whole issue effectively punishes Canadian tax payers that elect to take the financial hit of raising their own children. There is no tax break what so ever for a family with a parent that stays home to raise their child. Nothing...

ok... off to find things to do with Edward... er... bake a cake. :)

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