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From the land of snow and ice... there is a beautiful day unfolding. Very sunny, very nice day...

~ darlin dark blue sox, black b.u.m. equip boxers, rockports and that's it... just walkin around in my boxers in downtown ottawa. Ok, so I 'm not ...
~ monday gear! Dress pants, nice shirt, fav sweater... tending towards dark.
~ the dress pants piss-me-off... they were my 'fat boi' pants last year... they're tight. (errg)
~ to focus on one of my projects today... clients actually pay us for me to pay attention to them... go figure.
~ to say calm.
~ staying calm was easy...
~ for a majic wand.
~ i understood why I found it erotic when somebody told me they were *inserting wet finger into Corto's ear* :D
Note: Edward is at this stage of language development where pronouns and personal pronouns are a total mess. It is amazingly cute. I'll try to track a few examples into Lj. "Daddy... Mom's upstairs still... I want she to be come with us!"

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