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Thursday, February 10

You've got that touch so gentle and sweet
But you've got that look so critical...


So I move mountains... wake up and ride the kids to hurry themselves along. It's Thursday... Pizza day (kids get pizza at lunch... so I don't have to make lunch... god I loooove pizza day) so breakfast was a zoom zoom affair... and I lit out of the house at like 8:02. My goal? well boss man and coworkers are at a "breakfast seminar" downtown and I'm supposed to go... starts at 7:30 and they can just eat me if they think I'm gonna be ANYWHERE at 7:30 but I was shooting to make the keynote speaker. BWAAHAHAHAHAHAHA... It's snowing... it's slippery... and the highway was in gridlock. I wasn't going anywhere near downtown...

Of course, now I'm at work... and everybody on the team is... at the seminar. So I'm busy feeling tiny... but fuck it. I have responsibilities that I'm not tanking just because some pencil thinks 7:30 is a good time to get together. (personally, I think they're all off their collective nut).

It's really slippery out there... Dude is 360'en his toyota in front of me on the highway... and crashes it into the center bulk heads... it was way scary. I was gently applying breaks and whispering "please please please please" as I jussssst missed crashing into him... I mean... by frick'en inches... and considering where he was on the road... and the traffic and the weather... I swear, there is no chance he was not crashed into seconds later. I was honestly feeling a great deal of empathy for the guy as I drove on... I looked straight at him in his car... he was reaching for a cell phone... when he should have been trying to figure out how to back off the edge of the road...

~ blue ftls...
~ dk blue dockers...
~ and because I couldn't think of what to wear... I wore the blue turtleneck...
(*when you can't find something... wear a turtleneck. s'long as it's cold out that is...)
~ to hold onto my groove. (got it... kinda)
~ finish my work stuff and try to avoid boss guilt about missing the breakfast thing...
(edit) Boss is back... and he's giving me the Passive Agressive torture treatment...
~ watch Alias tonight... taped from last night...
~ K... how much torture are you TIVO people going to put me through... (yes, I have Tivo Envy... gah!)
~ happy anniversary to a sweet girl and good woman... lil_sass... :)
~ to express my concern and hopes-for-the-future out to occipitaldruid
~ to send a few good vibes out to a wee bowl of sugar... aka mscantbwrong
~ for good health to hold on to just1girl
~ and for wisdom and a strong heart to guide the hands of darling catherine.

That song... Bootylicious... was on the radio... "I don't think you're ready... for this Jelly". What the fuck? I just cannot reconcile the notion that dem girlz iz say'en Jelly ... and shaken their ass in the camera. (Yes, I've seen the video forever ago). Jelly? Jelly? no really ... Jelly?

//I'm having total weirdness with my camera at home. I use Chillcam and the "preview" image simply will not load. It still snaps... but no preview. Yes, I've restarted, reinstalled, and reconfigured... nothing. grrrrrr!

// Wal-Mart... store in deep woods Quebec (a town called Jonquiere... where I lived at one time, with a family while I took french emmersion courses)... ANNOUNCED THAT THEY ARE CLOSING THE STORE. Bwaahahahahahahaha... This was the store that UNIONIZED. The first Wallyland Union ever. And they closed it ... ahahhahahaha... I wet myself laughing. What a bunch of suckaaaas. I despise unions... having worked for the feds for 14 years... living through two strikes and ample total crap from the idiots that run that huge union... and having studied labour relations in post secondary... I'm just say'en ... I have no respect for unions. Especially not "Retail Store" unions.
Employees were caught on tape bursting into tears when Wally announced the plan to close. That would be the same idiots that decided to unionize and turn control of their future over to some overpaid suits that live in ivory towers running their collective bargaining unit... I*D*I*O*T*S!!! It's a private retail chain... wildly successful and, by all accounts, horrid to their employees... and so? So don't work there. But try and FORCE them to suck up to a union? hahahahahaha... Never going to happen.

// Charles and Camilla... no problemo... just make sure they scoop out her ovaries or hack off his wanna-makers... because no child should be brought into this world with her face and his ears. Ever!!!

K... I gotta get busy.
Have a great day muchachos... y muchachas.
... and thanks for the kindness from yesterday.
It was a bad day... but good hearts tend to make that easier to take. :)
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