Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Tuesday, February 8.

Mild, gray, damn... well, it rained last night...
But today is the last day of this strange weird warmness...
and to my glee...the glacier is truly receding from my laneway.

You can't believe this pain I'm having in my chest... dead center and a bit off to the right... (no, not left). When I breath in... deep... ZZZZZAP!!!
I cringe hard core. It started last night... and it's still with me. grrrrrr!

Suz and I popped the kids over to my folks and drove to CHEO to visit with Freddy last night.
He seems to be doing well. I mean, he looked absolutely normal and playful.
He has a hairline fracture behind his ear and he starts the days off with (or has in the past few days - this happened on Friday!!!) a fever.
They are doing another ct scan today and there is loads of reason to hope that the swelling will go down and all will be fine.
They are, however, not there yet.

Boy did I ever hug my boys nice and tight when I put them to bed last night... :)

~ new blue ftls
~ dk blue dockers
~ beige t and a dk blue dress shirt...a pinwale corduroy shirt!!!! (beams)
~ to totally ignore the universe and burn through this project.
~ to rejoin the universe at the end of the day and make my way to the Amazing Race finale tonight.
~ to smile... several times.
~ to point out that the [ :: manage :: ] lj page is wicked groovy. Check that "File Manager" link... ! :)
(you gotta be logged in for that to work...)
~ to continue laughing about a post a friend put up with "then" and "now" pictures of Tony Harding...
~ that today is a good day ... in the life and times of boogierock.
~ some excited congrats out to sillz... she's a new member of Team Time Bomb... with her little tiny egglette baby (that she thinks will be a boy) doing just fine.
~ and to congratulate misskris on a big ass excitement deal that has her and her main squeeze moving clear across the country. We might have to start calling her Tibbs. :)

I mean, if hockey fans actually gave a crap about the sport and wanted to save it from ongoing torture ... they would stay away in droves!!! when the next season starts up. Don't buy seasons tickets... don't go to games and don't watch on television and write letters saying that you are not watching on TV.
Just fricking imagine a season where the fans held Hockey's short and curlies and made them suffer without your almighty gate or advertising dollar.
Maybe then they would remember that it's a sport. (albeit, in my mind, a dumb sport... but still... I mean, they call Shuffle curling, a sport... so whatever).

Totally time to zoom to work.
See ya at lunch.
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