Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Monday, February 7


ug... I woke up with a crrrrrick in my neck... Of course, my crrrrick-extraction tools are all in the shop... so now I'm gonna be squeezing and squishing at my shoulder all day.
Like a plummer with a drippy faucet and doctor with a runny nose... so too does the shoulder pain live on for Captain Chair Massage. Ok, so I'm being a little dramatic. :D
(but sheeeeet! It's very sore... you know that "shoulder check" thing while yer driving... yeah, that became the shoulder yell... I mean, you turn your head instinctively... and every time I shoulder checked... I'd scream.

Oh, speaking of drama... I dunno where he heard it but Geo has been saying "How can I ever trust you?" or variations on the theme... Like when I ask him to let me see some thing he's playing with... or when Suz tells him "you'll get your allowance when we get home..." Imagine "how do I know I can trust you?" after that... hahahaha... little dork.

~ kinda khaki, very cargo...
~ white t hiding under a big cream and blue turtleneck.
~ day one of the crazy busy week... ok, I know... I'm saying that all the time. But we've got big deliverables due this week.
~ tonight? I think there's a new "Medium" on tonight... :)
~ to say Happy Birthday to a precious friend... HB noAlice... and I wish I could buy ya a new computer! :D
~ to send a few good vibes over to byron ... you feel what you feel because you're a human! It goes with the genes.
~ that serraph can do the berkley thing... :)
~ and that sweet sirenity enjoys some stress free food days with Sophia.
~ that today goes well for Cathy... er... canuckgirl :D
~ for spazzy debby to remember... one step at a time... and I do, honestly, hope your toe gets better!!

// radio talking got me thinking about something ... typically unrelated to the story on the radio at the time... but what else is new.
The "situation in the middle east"... as in Israel and Palestine... and all the "summits" held and yet to be held... to do what? Sit around and tell one another that killing is bad and blowing each other up is bad? There will be no solution to that problem until they can agree on what the root cause of the problem is... and you gotta know that's a major bone of contention. There is a larger story here... and no time to tell it... but the point is that logical arguments about how to resolve big problems, when applied to the Israeli conflict, make it pretty damn clear that they are simply never going to resolve their problems following any model for the making of "peace" that we know of - and desire - here in the West.
However... seeing as a vast majority of the money that runs the American political machine is owned and controlled by well connected-to-islael-Americans... there is simply no chance what so ever that America will be able to gets it's collective head out of israels ass.

Oh yeah... February 7!!
Today is the five year anniversary with this company... (because a clause in the takeover deal counts years exp with the previous company)... and I'm supposed to get a $500 gift certif for Future Shop or Home "Despot" or something... hmm... Time to go talk to the boss. :)

Ok... time to get all busy like... see ya. :)

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