Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Wednesday, February 2

I crush your head....

Mild!!! The weather... Like the glacier that took over my driveway may actually receed soon. :D


~ red stripee ftls
~ dk blue dockers
~ white dress shirt... mickey tie... there are tiny little itty bitty mickey mouses all over it... hiding in the pattern. kinda neat actually.
~ and a nice dark sweater. :)
~ another day at the races.
~ actually we wrap today... so hopefully it will not be a late day.
~ tonight? hmm must check to see if Alias or Lost are new...
~ a happy anniversary to dreamy_thoughts
~ and a big ass thank you to the ego patrol from yesterday...
~ I vow to look dorky for a week...
~ to send a wee "hi, how are ya?" out to TittyBaby er... I mean, tonyroomz... :D
~ and a hope for today to be ... better... clearer... for lisabella

Does anyone know of a web site that will "quizz" you on the Periodic Table of Elements?
Pop over to my friend Sugar-Ray and tell her ... [ :: she asks about it here! :: ]

My birthday club...
corto, groovysegue, laurel714, and teq.
It's a'comm'en. :)


When next you find yourself surrounded by a gaggle of kids...
... all the noise... the arguing.
Take a good look at the 10 year old boys and the 10 year old girls...
or... you know... ages around 10.
Be nice to them...
They'll be your doctors... nurses... and lawyers,
when your old and feeble.


The same sex marriage debate is going mental here.
I'm percolating... :)

Gotta jet... See ya tonight.
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